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electric powered stairclimber evacuation chair

electric powered stairclimber evacuation chair

The first factory produces electric stair chair!!

Electric Climbing Stair Chair Advantages:1.Maximum safety when going up and down stairs using an electronically controlled motor and direct drive transmission with chair tracks.2.Maximum loading capacity of the chair is 180kg.3.Easy operation when climbing or descending stairs with control button.  4.Electronic brake locks tracks during stops on ascent or descent, the chair can instantaneous brake.5.Including a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is easy to remove and is commercially available. 

The electric powered stairclimber evacuation chair is made of high-strength aluminum alloy. This kind of powered evacuation climbing stair chair is mainly used in hospitals, emergency centers, college, library and family for transporting disabled individuals up and down the stairs. The electrical stair chair (power chair) transport patient loading up to 180kg up and down stairs without carrying or lifting. The motor and track system carry the weight, reducing the risk of the chance of injury when on the stairs. The operator position, adjustability of handles, angle of the track and the built-in descent control made the safest chair in its product category.


Electric Powered Climbing Stair Chair is light, foldaway, and easy to use for one operator to transport disabled individuals up and down stairs. It is widely used in families that have member with disabilities and public organizations for handling the state of emergency evacuation.

Mobility represents an essential aspect of your quality of life. This power stair chair not only can be used at home or anywhere else for disabled individuals, but also can supply fast transit service for disabled person in public places during emergency situations. It is designed for easy passing through narrow stairs, security checks and doors of stairway, subway and air plane. Thanks for its motorized design; the operator can use this chair with very little physical effort. To fully meet your requirements we offer further individual accessories and custom made service.

JSEMS incentive is to offer you more mobility and quality of life by means of intelligent technology. All our know-how and expertise gained in many years of experience to develop an intelligent, reliable and safe system that offers numerous advantages.


More Advantages:

6.Smooth 100mm front swivel wheels and extra tall 125mm rear wheels with brakes. 7.The tightness of the sliding belts is adjustable. 8.There are teeth on both sides of the sliding belt; the advantage is enhancing the friction between the stairs and the 9.motor controlling sliding track. 10.The soft seat and back support are removable and washable. 11.Extending footrest and lower track angle increase patient sense of security. 12.Positive locking hinge mechanism ensures chair is locked in place whether deployed for use or folded for carrying and storage 13.Three position lift bar and handles reduce the strain. 14.The battery and motor both are waterproof, and real-time displays the remaining battery power. 15.Durable powder coated finish eliminates oxidation and facilitates easy decontamination- power washable 16.2.5cm track-to-ground clearance provides smooth rolling over carpet and rough surfaces   17.Large patient seating surface with removable soft seat panels 18.Extendable head and foot end lift handles support proper ergonomic lifting technique 19.Positive locking for security and rigidness, Folds to compact size for convenient storage


Electric Powered Climbing Stair Chair Dimension:

Product SizeL158cm*W52cm*74cm
Folding SizeL102cm*W52cm*28cm
Net Weight28kg
Load Capacity180kg
Package SizeL110cm*W57cm*H34cm
Gross Weight45kg

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