China's No. 1 Professional Emergencery Medical Service Products Manufacturer/Supplier/Exporter

Established in 2009, EMS company is a professional leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter for emergency medical products and service.

We are specialized in developing and producing emergency medical service products from single emergency rescue stretcher, emergency trolley, church trolley, kendrick extrication device(KED), kendrick traction device(KTD), CAT & SOF tourniquet, head immobilizer, vacuum splint, fracture splint,arm splint, air splint, cervical extrication collar, spine board, scoop stretcher, evacuation chair, CPR board, rescue can and first-aid kit, manual suction unit to turn key projects for emergency medical service.


JSEMS company adheres to the principle of "Quality, Health, and Life". In order to pursue perfect quality, we accept each customer’s suggestions to improve our quality. We hope our work will contribute to the improvement and perfection of emergency medical system, and bring healthy life and blessing to the world.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, we are looking forward to cooperate with you!