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Stairway Evacuation Chair

Stairway Evacuation Chair

Classical Evacuation Stair Chair with Competitive Price

Stairway Evacuation Chair Advantages:Low, adjustable, easy-grip handleVinyl seat mattress, removable, easy to cleanAdjustable head padAdjustable safety restraintsWall bracket, cover, and user instructionsWeight capacity: 180 kg (398lbs)Different color availableWarranty time: 5 years

EMS-B106 Emergency stairway evacuation chair series are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The stair chairs’ key characteristics are being light-weight, small-sized, easy to carry, user-safe, and easy to sterilize and clean. The adjustable PVC head restraint and padded seat mattress are removable; it is very convenient to change or clean. The PVC and the aluminum alloy pipe color are available for yellow, red, and blue and black. The aluminum alloy pipe color is available for yellow, black and blue. The telescopic handle can spare 78% space when the chair is folded. So it is easy to ship and stack. 

These series escape chairs or rescue chairs are specially designed and produced for the smooth descent of stairways in the event of an emergency. Also these emergency chairs are a universal and efficient evacuation solution for smooth stairway descent during an emergency situation without the need of great physical strength or lifting. 

These medical evac chairs are used in multi-storey buildings, hospitals, colleges, libraries, public centers, hotels, etc. Only one person can evacuate physically impaired individuals safely and easily down stairs in the event of an emergency when lifts cannot be used. It consists of four wheels for easy ground movement; two rear castors with brakes, it will be much safer than those chairs without brake castors. The escape chair supports the patient’s safety during the transport process with the head, chest, ankle plastic buckle restraints and two rear brake castors. The operating instructions on the head rest are visible to the operator at all times, coming with a free dust cover and wall mounting brackets.

Our escape stair chairs warranty time is 2 years.

Evacuation Stair Chair Dimension:

Product SizeL85cm*W52cm*H140cm
Folding size
Net Weight
Load Capacity180kg
Package SizeL108cm*W52cm*H22cm
Gross Weight11Kg

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