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Combination Self Loading Ambulance Stretcher

Combination Self Loading Ambulance Stretcher

Combination Self Loading Ambulance Stretcher Advantages: 

A separable and removable flat stretcher 

One person operate 

Reversed Trendelenburg Trendelenburg 

Adjustable height: 65-85cm 

EMS-D217 is a combination ambualnce stretcher,made of high-strength aircraft aluminum,and mainly used for ambulance, hospitals, emergency centers;it has a separable flat stretcher which can be folded as a chair stetcher if needed; the separable stretcher can be removed from the main ambulance stretcher frame via locking mechanisem; the ambulance stretcher also has another locking device to fix on the ambulance car.

  1. Only one person operate available

  2. Separate stretcher converted into wheel chair

  3. Whole ambulance stretcher height-adjustable 65-85cm

  4. backrest can be adjusted from 0 - 65 deg by gas spring

  5. Reversed trendelenburg or trendelenburg available

  6. ABS side rails available more comfortable

  7. One operating handle controlling mechanical legs

  8. Two big gas springs controlling lges,durable and sturdy

  9. φ150mm ,125mm wide rubber castors,More flexiable

  10. Two extra castors on real legs supply more fluent loading

  11. Fixing device comes with Ambualnce Stretcher

  12. Two years warranty 

  13. 8cm thickness waterproof PVC welding mattress

Combination Self Loading Ambulance Stretcher Dimension:

Product SizeL195cm*W55cm*H85cm
Folding size
Net Weight
Load Capacity180kg
Package SizeL200cm*W63cm*H41cm
Gross Weight52Kg

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