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Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher—Brand New 2017

Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher—Brand New 2017

500Kg Load Capacity Scoop Stretcher.

Completely new model scoop stretcher, made of carbon fiber,features with its super light, super high quality.

carbon fiber material is an excellent choice for medical transport service for its

performance. this carbon fiber scoop stretcher is a brand new product!

Lon- life using period (6—8years)

Warranty time: 5 years

Super light, net weight 4.3kg, 

Save 50% weight compared to aluminum scoop

X-ray CT and MRI available

Hollow design to protect spine

Impact resistance, cold resistance; heat-resisting

Available with head immobilizer fixed

350 kg (770lbs) weight capacity

Gross weight: 5 kg

Open size: 1637*437*67mm

Folding size: 1168*437*67mm

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