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Carbon Fiber Collapsed Tactical Litter Stretcher

Carbon Fiber Collapsed Tactical Litter Stretcher

The lightest carbon fiber military tactical folding litter stretcher!

Carbon fiber litter stretcher features for its super light,strong, durable;Telescopic hanldes, black durable mesh sheet; loading capacity 500kg no problem. 

Military Collapsed Tactical Litter Stretcher is made of carbon fiber, having various excellent properties, featured with super light, huge capacity, be against high and low temp, anti-corrion, etc. Designed for maximum balance and weight-distribution, the army tactical litter stretcher has thin backpack to aid rescuer movement; non-slip, adjustable shoulder straps to keep the load in place; a drain hole to prevent water from increasing the weight of the load; durable mesh sheet increase the air permeability while the injured lying on the stretcher.  Carbon fiber litter stretcher is definitely the battle litter rescue choice. It features with huge capacity, strong, durable,strong, excellent heat resistance, and 100% X-ray translucent, CT etc.

Carbon Fiber Folding Tactical Litter Dimension:

Product SizeL229cm*W58*H15cm
Folding SizeL54cm*W17cm*H21cm
Net Weight
Load Capacity
Package SizeL58cm*W24cm*H24cm
Gross Weight5.5kg

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